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Collectif Stratégies Alimentaires

Type of contract : Services Market Keywords : Évaluation

Depuis le mois de Mai 2019, un consortium formé de 4 partenaires dont deux ONGs belges CSA - Collectif Stratégies Alimentaires et BD - Broederlijk Delen ainsi que deux ONG locales CAPAD - Confédération des Associations des Producteurs Agricoles pour le Développement et ADISCO - Appui au Développement Intégral et la Solidarité sur les Collines  a signé un contrat de subside avec la délégation de l’UE au Burundi pour mettre en œuvre un projet de soutien à la fertilité des sols dans 5 provinces du Burundi. Le projet, dénommé TUBUNGABUNGE ISI NDIMWA ou « Soutenir l’adoption et la mise en œuvre de pratiques agricoles durables restaurant et améliorant la fertilité des sols » est d’une durée de 4 ans et bénéficiera directement à 70.560 ménages Burundais.

Le projet est à sa troisième année d’exécution. Il y a par conséquent un souhait de renseigner le niveau d’atteinte des indicateurs de résultat fixés. C’est dans ce cadre qu’est lancé le recrutement d’un consultant international, qui sera chargé de :

  • Diagnostic/Evaluation :
    • Analyse et évaluation globale de la mise en œuvre du projet pour mesurer le niveau de réalisation de l’objectif et des résultats attendus du cadre logique.
    • Evaluation de la méthodologie de collecte de données des indicateurs du cadre logique.
    • Analyse des procédures et outils de rapportage interne.
  • Proposition/Renforcement :
    • Formuler des propositions pratiques d’amélioration (outils & procédures).

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Type of contract : Services Market Keywords : Formation

Cet appel d'offre est relatif à la mise en oeuvre d'une formation destinée à renforcer les compétences et la maîtrise de la méthode Outcome Harvesting comme méthode de suivi-évaluation de démarches d'Education à la Citoyenneté Mondiale et Solidaire (ECMS).  Elle s'adresse aux chargé-e-s ECMS des OSC membres d’ACODEV.  Elle se déroulera sur 2 jours max. 

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Type of contract : Services Market Keywords : Consultance

Oxfam-België (hereafter OBE or Oxfam), non-governmental organisation for humanitarian assistance and development aid, launches an Invitation to Quote (IQ) for a  Biofuels case study

Belgium is relying on biofuels to achieve its CO2 emissions reductions. Previous studies have shown the negative effects associated with biodiesel production, but there’s insufficient information on negative effects around bioethanol production, which is expected to increase in the coming years. A previous Oxfam study has shed light on several human rights violations within sugar cane plantations, but there’s yet sufficient information on shared responsibilities for these violations along the value chain. This research will give an answer to that.

Building on the first research, the objective of this consultancy will be to map the sugarcane’s ethanol value chain from Peru and Brazil into Belgium, by identifying the flows, actors, and European countries involved, as well as their roles and responsibility in respecting social sustainability. It will try to cast light on some of the loopholes in the legislation allowing for ethanol to flow into the EU, besides its clear contradictions with basic European human rights principles. Since the current incorporation of biofuels into the Belgian market is mandated by the EU and the Belgian government, the results of this study will be useful to put pressure not only on the companies involved, but on the European and Belgian decision makers.

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Search for Common Ground (Search) / International Peace Information Service (IPIS)

Type of contract : Services Market Keywords : Consultance

Search for Common Ground (Search) and International Peace Information Service (IPIS) are looking for a consultant to conduct a stakeholder mapping of the Belgian (institutional & private sector) peacebuilding landscape for their 5-year, DGD-funded programme 'United for Peace and Sustainable Development in Fragile and Conflict-affected Settings. 

Within this programme, both Search and IPIS will have to target advocacy activities towards specific audiences in the Belgium. This approach requires a solid understanding and knowledge of the different stakeholders present in this sphere, so that the necessary advocacy activities can be tailored to their specific profiles. This is especially relevant concerning institutional and private sector stakeholders. Therefore, a stakeholder mapping of the different policymakers and private sector actors that describes their objectives and mandates, their relationship and recommended points of entry, is required. 

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VSF International

Type of contract : Services Market Keywords : Consultance

The VSF International network supports families and farmers’ organizations in 38 countries in Africa, the Americas and Asia. In 2020, it reached 2.07 million families and among them, provided direct support to 4,700 animal health professionals, including 4,300 Community Animal Health Workers (CAHWs).  CAHWs deliver quality proximity animal health services to livestock keepers in countries where veterinary services may shortfall.
VSF International drafted a definition for CAHWs: “Selected by their communities and in collaboration with private veterinary doctors, the veterinary public services and supporting bodies (projects and NGOs), Community-based Animal Health Workers (CAHWs) provide basic services and give husbandry advice to livestock keepers. They are in charge of disseminating certain farming techniques in order to optimize animal production. They also play an important role in epidemiological surveillance”.Despite their key role, CAHWs development and deployment face several constraints and challenges (VSF-Int policy brief, 2018). Indeed, in the different countries where they are operating, CAHWs legal status varies widely, from official recognition to prohibition.  Despite their key role, CAHWs development and deployment face several constraints and challenges (VSF-Int policy brief, 2018). Indeed, in the different countries where they are operating, CAHWs legal status varies widely, from official recognition to prohibition.
There are numerous factors that lead to this disparity, but they mainly relate to the lack of agreed criteria around the definition, training, qualification, supervision, and deployment of CAHWs in both the public and private sectors.
To address these issues, OIE and VSF International are jointly implementing a two-year project entitled “Strengthening the enabling environment for community animal health workers through development of competency and curricula guidelines” and funded by USAID/BHA.
The project will allow the implementing organizations to provide an in-depth assessment of the training context and needs for CAHWs at the global level, based on regional and national-level analyses, and to develop guidelines for CAHW implementation models, competencies, and training, which will be key to support global recognition and harmonization of CAHWs training and services.
To proceed, the project will first identify and describe the main training and implementation models for CAHWs at the global scale. A general comparative assessment of CAHW training programs, institutional frameworks and operational set-ups will be done through literature review and regional expert consultations. On a second stage, the literature review work will be consolidated with a more detailed analysis in 3 or 4 countries in Africa and Asia.
The information collected and analysed will allow OIE to develop competency and curricula guidelines for CAHWs (after appropriate validation and testing), and VSF to produce guidelines and recommendations on the sustainability of the CAHWs models.

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