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Titre Type Langues Auteur Date de publication Mise à jour
Assessing Change in Capacity Development: Points for Consideration Présentation French Brenda Lipson (INTRAC) 09/12/2014 27/07/2020
Open gesprek met Katrien Degrauwe (DGD) over Capaciteitsversterking Rapport French ngo-federatie 09/12/2014 27/07/2020
The Most Significant Change Technique Étude French Asian Development Bank 09/12/2014 17/02/2015
La technique du changement le plus significatif Étude French Fonds de Soutien Tiers-Monde 08/12/2014 04/02/2015
PM&E of Capacity Development within Vredeseilanden Présentation French Vredeseilanden 08/12/2014 27/07/2020
Mango’s Financial Health Check Outils French Mango 08/12/2014 27/07/2020
Ensuring successful partnerships Outils French InterAction’s Africa Liaison Program Initiative (ALPI) 08/12/2014 27/07/2020
Nonprofit Organizational Assessment Tool Outils French University of Wisconsin Extension 08/12/2014 27/07/2020
CApacity Self-Assessment (CASA) Outils French Tearfund 08/12/2014 27/07/2020
Partnerships – considerations in drafting an agreement Manuels et guides French 04/12/2014 27/07/2020