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The Efficiency Lab - Lessons Learned

  1. Créé par The Spindle
  2. Année de publication : 2019

The Efficiency Lab is an initiative of several members of Partos implemented in the framework of The Spindle. The Lab decided to take on the challenge to address the efficiency question adequately since it was concluded that development projects had either not collected relevant data on this topic, and/or rarely analysed the efficiency of their interventions.


With this publication of the Efficiency Lab, you are provided with a guide that contains an overview of the main findings and lessons learned over the course of this project. What are the main challenges that practitioners encounter when trying to incorporate an efficiency perspective? What are the identified recommendations to address these challenges? And what are methods that can be used to analyse the efficiency of development interventions? You’ll find the answers to these questions in our newest publication! Hopefully, it helps you and your organisation to improve the performance in analysing efficiency.

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