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Call for Expressions of Interest - Expert for International Advocacy Consultant (2023-2025)

  1. Créé par Anita SAFI DIAZILA
  2. Le 11/04/2023
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Détails de l'annonce

Organisation : medica mondiale e.V.
Période d'exécution : 11/04/2023 au 24/04/2023
Date de publication : 11/04/2023
Date limite de soumission : 24/04/2023
Personne de contact :

Résumé du marché

About medica mondiale 

medica mondiale e.V. is a non-governmental organisation based in Cologne, Germany. As a feministwomen’s rights and aid organisation medica mondiale supports women and girls in war and crisiszones throughout the world.


The Transnational Health Training and Advocacy Programme (THTP) aims at improving access to stress- and trauma-sensitive health care services for women and girls affected by sexualized and gender-based violence (SGBV) in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Kosovo (KOS) and the Kurdish Region of Iraq (KRI). medica mondiale implements the THTP together with its partner organizations Medica Zenica (BiH) and Medica Gjakova (Kosovo). In the Kurdish Region of Iraq (KRI) the project is implemented through the medica mondiale regional office. The project is now in its third phase (2022 – 2025). One of the main focuses of this phase is to upscale field-tested good practices and lessons learned in implementing the Stress- and trauma-sensitive approach (STA) in the health care sector from the country level to the international sphere.
The project pursues a system-oriented approach that strengthens capacities at several levels with connected components:

  1. Direct support and awareness raising for SGBV survivors and their social environment
  2. Qualification and strengthening of health professionals
  3. Advocacy work on country level
  4. Transnational Learning Exchange
  5. International Advocacy work

In this context, the purpose of the assignment is to support the International THTP Advocacy Team in further developing and implementing the international advocacy strategy and contributing to the capacity development of the THTP partners in international advocacy work.

Résumé des attentes des prestataires

Key Responsibilities 

The consultant will support the THTP team in the following activities:

  • Finalizing the international advocacy strategy, linking it to the country strategies
  • Continuous mapping, monitoring and assessment (develop and share recommendations) of relevant international advocacy platforms and participation in selected ones (Together with THTP partners whenever possible)
  • Advocacy meetings (individual/bilateral exchanges) with selected persons from advocacy target groups to establish partnerships and to promote the messages of the programme (Together with THTP partners whenever possible)
  • Support organising own advocacy events (such as conferences, round tables etc, as specified in the THTP international advocacy strategy)
  • Contribution to the development of specific advocacy products (position papers, draft standard procedures, recommendation papers, shadow reports, visual materials, campaigns etc. as specified in the THTP international advocacy strategy) 
  • Capacity development for THTP implementing partner organisations

Time Frame

The consultancy shall accompany the project implementation between 2023 and 2025. It is estimated that the implementation of the tasks requires on average around 30 working days per year. The details and exact distribution of workload over the years will be defined based on the revised THTP international advocacy strategy together with the consultant.


  • Project specific international advocacy strategy, revised and agreed with THTP partners, including an implementation plan and a mapping of relevant actors and platforms
  • Developed advocacy products (as defined in the International Advocacy Strategy)
  • Documentation of each advocacy and capacity development activity held or participated in.
  • Further needs based deliverables within the technical support to partners (to be defined during process)

The advocacy consultant will report to the International THTP Advocacy Team, composed by the THTP partner organisations, and coordinated by medica mondiale e.V.. Regular update meetings with the International Advocacy Team and the THTP project manager at medica mondiale e.V. will be arranged to define further details and to agree on the deliverables and changes if needed.