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Bilingual (french/english) External Evaluation for DGD Funded projects in Burundi and in Uganda

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  2. Le 12/11/2021
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Détails de l'annonce

Organisation : Avocats Sans Frontières
Durée estimée : 25 jours
Montant estimé du marché : 10000 euros
Période d'exécution : 29/11/2021 au 30/01/2022
Date de publication : 12/11/2021
Date limite de soumission : 22/11/2021
Personne de contact : Jessica Best

Résumé du marché

The primary objective of the evaluation is report on the two projects results and outcomes. The final evaluation of both projects will provide a thorough evaluation of the relevance and effectiveness of both projects approaches as well as the sustainability of the achieved outcomes. In addition to this, the consultant should report on the achievements of the project against the project outcomes as well as provide key recommendations for future programmes.

The consultant will work closely with the ASF country teams to evaluate the two projects. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the consultant will carry out a participatory evaluation that will put an emphasis on meetings with project teams and partners - this can be carried out remotely. In addition to this, further data will be included in the analysis, including quarterly and annual reports, monitoring missions, outcome harvesting reports (Burundi only), activity reports and mid-term evaluations (Uganda only).

Résumé des attentes des prestataires

The evaluation will take place between November 2021 and January 2022. As the project finishes in December 2021, all data collection should take place before then.

The consultant will be responsible for submitting the following:

  • Inception report and plan (including methodology, tools, final timeline);
  • Remote data collection (where relevant);
  • Data analysis and synthesis;
  • Two draft evaluation reports one in English for Uganda, in French for Burundi;
  • Two final evaluation reports following feedback from ASF;
  • Presentation of the findings to the Uganda and Burundi country offices

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