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Liste des ressources avec le terme " EN "

Titre Type Langue Auteur Date Updated date
Care International Project Standards Note politique French CARE International 2002 28/07/2020
CEDRA - Climate change and Environmental Degradation Risk and adaptation Assessment Outils French Tearfund 2012 20/05/2015
CRISTAL: Outil d’identification des risques au niveau communautaire Outils French IIDD, IUCN, SEI-US & l'Inter-coopération 2009 18/06/2015
Framing our world Outils French The National Youth Council of Ireland's Development Education Programme (NYDEP) 2010 28/07/2020
Getting started with Global Citizenship Outils French Oxfam Education (UK) 2008 28/07/2020
Global education guidelines Manuels et guides French 2010 28/07/2020
Towards Evaluation for Everyday Use! Étude French KEPA 2012 04/02/2015
Assessing effectiveness in influencing power holders Outils French Bond 2013 28/07/2020
Assessing effectiveness in empowerment programmes Outils French Bond 27/07/2020
Assessing effectiveness in education Outils French Bond 04/02/2015